Explicite Art Candice Angel


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Explicite Art Candice Angel is a delightful combination of sinner and saint. Her blonde hair and charming face makes her look like a sweet girl while her naked slender body with its belly button piercings makes her a slut. Here Candice has her arms over her blonde head making her boobs look taut. She spreads her slim legs to reveal her small naked pussy that is pierced with silver studs around the clit. For every guy who has yet to experience fucking a girl with studs pierced on her pussy this image gives a lot to ponder on. Candice is photographed behind an orange background making her smooth skin glow.

Explicite Art Angell Summers


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Explicite Art Angell Summers may look like an angel but her actions are far from it. Here the vivacious vixen loves to pleasure herself with toys. Here the blonde haired angel sits naked on the floor. Her busty boobs hang perfectly balanced against her chest. Her curvy waist sports a belly button ring that suggests she is not averse to a little pain. What draws your attention to this image is not her adorable face but her cute pink pussy that opens like a flower with her clit nestling inside it. She has her legs spread apart as she uses a bright orange dildo to tease her engorged pussy.

Explicite Art Ally Mac Tyana


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Explicite Art Ally Mac Tyana is an angel that fell from heaven because she’s just too damn hot. Here is copulating with one lucky bastard with a huge black dick. Ally rides him like a cowgirl with wings. Her striking face looks directly at the camera with a dreamy expression like she can’t believe it took her so long to discover the joys of anal sex. Her naughty ass is spread wide open to allow her lovers penis to penetrate her stomach more deeply. Their hot anal action takes place on a queen size bed inside a spacious sunlit room.

Explicite Art Yulia


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Explicite Art Yulia is a highly-sexed black haired titillating beauty who possesses a deep passion for playing with herself using her various toys. Here Yulia lies on her back her body spread wide to reveal her sexy taut stomach and small boobs. Her legs are stretched to expose her clean-shaved pussy and puckered ass hole. Her stunning face is slightly blurred because the camera is focusing on her vagina which has a large white vibrator sticking out from beneath its depths. The way her vibrator makes her look makes you want to plunge your dick inside her pussy with her vibrator still in place. Yulia is lying down on a red leather couch while her head rests on a grey pillow.

Explicite Art Jordanne Kali


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Explicite Art Jordanne Kali gets fucked for the first time in the ass. Here we have dazzling Jordanne getting fucked by a huge dick in her ass. From the surprise and slightly pained expression on her face it looks like she was caught off guard by her naughty partner. Her small boobs have surprisingly big tits that look like Miniature Mountains. Her butterfly tattoos make a curved path that goes down her pubic line and stretches towards her slim waist. Her neatly trimmed pussy looks like it has been fucked raw. Maybe that’s why the guy went for her ass. Their carnal action takes place inside a living room with a fireplace at the background.

Explicite Art Melissa Lauren


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Explicite Art Melissa Lauren and three of her sexy friends create a human waterfall with Melissa Lauren acting like the river which supplies the water. Here she is supported by her two busty naked brunette friends who hoist her up by her legs while her curly haired friend spreads her thighs to allow the gushing water to spill out from her pee hole. While I am not a huge fan of watching women pee I must admit that this scene has got me turned on a bit. Maybe it’s the four naked ladies gathered together in one picture, or maybe my mind has just been blown away by this natural wonder.

Explicite Art Milka Manson


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Explicite Art Milka Manson is not your typical sex-crazed slut. Here she is lying halfway naked on the couch exposing her small boobs with four studded piercings circling her left nipple. If that is not an indication that Milka is a masochistic bitch then the hand inserted inside her wet vagina might give you a hint. Milka has her legs spread wide, her naked pussy is twice its regular size and her clit is reduced into a hard little nub. A bangled hand makes it halfway through her vagina stretching her pussy lips wide. While this may seem painful the goth looking babe is unfazed and in fact looks like she’s really enjoying this fisting.

Explicite Art Rachel


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Explicite Art Rachel looks like she just stepped out of a Victorian era brothel and decided to stun this modern world with her classic beauty. Her curly brown hair is pinned artistically on her head while she wears a flower chocker on her long neck. Her sheer lace fleur de lis patterned black and blue nightgown is just too sweet to handle and makes you want to rip it off and take it off gently at the same time. She posses coquettishly in front of the camera her bare pussy is covered by the sheer fabric. She is photographed against a grey wall with gauzy silver curtains.

Explicite Art Kim Serena


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Explicite Art Kim Serena looks a lot like the heroine from the final fantasy series. Her straight hair is cut into a chic bob that flows down her striking face, her almond shaped grey eyes, slender nose and bow shaped lips is frozen in sultry serene expression. She is wearing black lingerie with thigh high sheer black lace stockings and strappy high heels. She sits with her knees drawn on her chest, exposing her engorged pussy. She looks like she’s waiting for someone probably a blonde haired sword wielding dude to come and fuck her. She sits on a white bean bag chair against a white background.

Explicite Art Liza del Sierra


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Explicite Art Liza del Sierra is one fiery latina who loves to be fucked in the ass. Here she is completely naked while she sits on top of a huge black cock that is sliding softly down her shit hole. This black haired bitch has a set of huge knockers with saucer sized areolas. Her long legs are spread wide open revealing her shaved pussy. Her sex partner meanwhile has his hands on her ass, guiding her down towards his meat stick. His feet are planted on the floor to give him leverage as he pounds her stomach raw. This hot and heavy carnal action takes place in a beautifully decorated living room.